Selling the Silence in Reykjavik Iceland

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Harpa Interior

The mayor of Reykjavik, Iceland once darkened the city in observance of the Northern Lights. This kind of digital detox is a trend well embraced in Iceland.  Diverse landscapes—glacial rivers, sand, lava fields and mountains—set the stage for quiet yet adventurous moments for groups seeking a natural recharge and reprieve from corporate spiel.

Reykjavik Iceland’s meetings & events scene is chock full of authentic and creative experiences and venues. Planners will have an easy time of organizing tailor-made adventures. Repelling into a magma chamber, basking in natural hot springs, diving between two tectonic plates and all terrain joy riding make the top of our list. Groups can also explore the only geothermal cone in the world that you can scuba dive to. All this, combined with Iceland’s vibrant art scene, unique cultural blend and upbeat nightlife are helping to make Iceland a must-experience destination for meeting planners.

Vast explorable landscapes sprawl out for the picking in Vatnajökull, Western Europe’s largest National Park. The park covers 15 percent of Iceland. Few if any regions in the world offer ice caps and outlet glaciers, geothermal energy, frequent sub glacial volcanic activity and outburst floods. All in a day.

Glacier Tour Iceland

The park holds the largest glacier in the world outside the Arctic with distinct, awe-inspiring subsidiary glacier tongues. Groups can bundle up and experience orientating team building activities on the glacier. Glacier hiking, Geo tours, rafting, ice climbing and Quad biking activities are popular corporate group activities. Icelandic horses, a special five-gaited breed, are available for riding tours.

When asked how meeting planners incorporate Iceland’s diverse landscapes into meetings & incentives Brynja Laxdal, Meet in Reykjavik’s director of marketing said, “Many use Iceland’s gorgeous landscapes as a backdrop to their meetings either though real-time exposure or the integration of technology such as audio/video equipment. Meeting and reception decorations often incorporate Icelandic flora and many venues hold true to Iceland’s “Land of Fire and Ice” knickname by incorporating fire and ice themes.”

There are plenty of conference facilities, large and boutique hotels in Reykjavik that incorporate Iceland’s rich Viking and West Nordic heritage. The sparkling Harpa Concert & Conference Centre design gives homage to the crystallized basalt columns commonly found in Iceland; exteriors mimic Icelandic landscapes. Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa and Videy island are excellent venues for creative meetings.

Larger groups can stay at the Hilton Reykjavik Nordica, Grand Hotel Reykjavik or the Radisson Blu Saga Hotel Reykjavik, ranging from 5,000 to 16,000 sf of meeting space. If you’re thinking Iceland may be a great fit for your next meeting & incentive program, get in touch with Iceland Travel, the country’s leading DMC & PCO, to discover what’s trending in Iceland’s meetings & incentives world.