Centro Banamex: Mexico’s Most Important Venue

Mexico City.

A privileged location, close to the most important corporate, industrial, shopping, touristic and entertainment districts, with an imposing and iconic design that suits any kind of event, outstanding facilities and a highly skilled team of professionals Centro Banamex is Mexico’s most important trade show venue and industry leader in Latin America.

• Surface area 1’991,323 sqft (185,000 sqm).

• 366,000 sq ft (34,000 sqm) of column free space for exhibitions that can be divided into four independent halls.

• 75347 sq ft (7,000 sqm) within 25 multifunctional rooms.

• Business Center with eight executive full equipped suites.

• 10,000 parking spaces.

• Outstanding team of chefs.

• 17,222 sq ft (1,600 sqm) of full equipped kitchen to serve 10,000 people simultaneously.

• EarthCheck Silver certification for environmental best practices.

Centro Banamex is world known for its view to fully satisfying clients and visitors.