Monterrey CVB Reached Record Levels in the First Half of the Year

During its thirteen years of existence, the Monterrey CVB has been recognized for the leadership shown in the business tourism segment, attracting attention to the destination’s featured strengths ‒ excellent connectivity, world class infrastructure, unique venues, and skilled human capital.

The Director of the Bureau, Mr. Federico Trevino, said: “In just six months we have sold 135 events involving an economic impact of $2.085 million pesos and 173,242 occupied rooms, thus exceeding the cumulative target by 65%”.

“The city infrastructure has now been enriched with new and attractive tourist alternatives, because Monterrey now has everything‒culture, food, sports, adventure tourism, and more.”

In this city of great events, they are still new things happening that keep up the emotions of all visitors. Tourism is expected to keep growing in the second half of the year with new events ‒ the Monterrey International Film Festival, Carrera Brutal, concerts, and much more.