“Bermuda Rendezvous” Program Offers Visitors Free Daily Cultural Activities

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Cottage Colonies in Bermuda
Cottage Colonies in Bermuda

The Island of Bermuda is highlighting its more than 400 years of history and rich culture this winter season with the launch of the “Bermuda Rendezvous” daily activities program. Organized by the Bermuda Department of Tourism in conjunction with the Department of Community & Cultural Affairs, Bermuda Rendezvous offers visitors a wide array of cultural activities, the majority of which are free unless otherwise indicated. Activities range from performances by Bermuda’s famed and colorful Gombey dancers to glass-blowing demonstrations, cooking demonstrations, and historic tours of the Royal Navy Dockyard and St. George’s, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Bermuda Rendezvous program runs through March 31, 2011 and highlights include:

  • Guided Walking Tour of City of Hamilton: showcases some of Bermuda’s most historic sites such as the Bermuda national Library and Fort Hamilton;
  • Botanical Gardens Tour: home to 15 permanent collections including sub-tropical fruit groves, cedar and banyan trees as well as a sensory garden;
  • Bermuda Cookery Demonstration, in which Bermudian Chef Cheryl Kerr shares local flavors;
  • Royal Naval Dockyard Glassworks: a look at the art of flame working and glass blowing;
  • Historical re-enactment and town tour of St. George’s:  offering a guided tour through the historic old town;
  • Bermuda Gombey Revue:  a fun folk art event featuring the music and dancing of Bermuda’s famed loud and lively Gombeys;
  • Additionally, a free lecture series will also be offered covering several aspects of the Bermudian culture.

For more information on the “Bermuda Rendezvous Activities” program, call the Department of Community & Cultural Affairs at 441-292-9447 or visit www.bermudatourism.com.

Bermuda, just under two hours from East Coast gateway cities, stretches for 21 miles along turquoise waters and is surrounded by a 200-square-mile coral reef plateau. Bermuda’s accommodations range from luxury resorts to intimate guest cottages and family-run inns, all incorporating the sophistication and hospitality unique to the Bermuda experience. The island includes more than 150 restaurants to fit any traveler’s budget, from simple and inexpensive to elegant and special dining. Bermuda’s diverse activities offer an array of vacation options all year- round, including more wreck dives than anywhere else in the world, championship golf, horseback riding, world-renowned deep sea fishing and smooth pink beaches to rest on by day’s end.


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