How to Integrate Social Media into Event Decor


New York Photo Booth, Kentucky Derby
New York Photo Booth, Kentucky Derby

Social media is obviously a good way to market your event and serves as a tool to increase attendee interactions while onsite. However, it can also double as an integral piece of your event décor, reminding attendees to tweet, post and like throughout the event. Here are ways that meeting planners can enhance their event by incorporating social media into event décor in an interactive and creative way.

Put it on display. People love seeing themselves on display. Next time you go to a sporting event, just watch how thrilled people get when seeing their own face displayed on the Jumbotron. That same concept can apply to social media at events. At the Marriott Marquis Washington, DC opening gala in early June, a digital screen displaying tweets and photos took up two entire walls at the event. Attendees loved seeing their names, and it encouraged them to post more, creating more social media impressions and more marketing for the hotel.

Post from a photo booth. Who doesn’t love a photobooth? Companies such as L.A. Pix Photo Booth will bring a photo booth that adds a funky, creative element to your next event. Additionally, the company will provide iPad stations for attendees to upload photos to social media after their photos are taken. Bring fun accessories—a feather boa, clown hat or stick-on moustaches—for some innovative candid shots that are sure to generate some likes. Frame the photo with branded text or a logo for additional marketing.

Create a personal takeaway. Photos from social media sites such as Instagram can transform into a quick, easy piece of artwork that adds a personal touch for attendees. They can be used to create anything from posters to collages to pillows or even mugs. Meeting planners can also use photos to decorate a takeaway gift bag.

Decorate the tech. If your event happens to require some serious audiovisual or tech equipment for social media, the mechanics can become an eye soar. However, you can hide the mechanics and enhance your décor by wrapping the mechanics in colorful fabric or creatively displaying flowers in the equipment’s nooks and crannies.

Match your social media to your event. Whether or not you decide to create a digital wall for your social media pages at the actual event, make sure to match your social media backgrounds to your event theme and colors. It will create a consistency across your event branding that will stick with attendees and encourage them to remember the amazing time they had.