Wearable Tech Streamlines the Details for Attendees

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Apple Watch
Apple Watch

Although Apple delayed the release of watchOS 2, expected to be available to Apple Watch owners on Sept. 16, meeting planners can still get excited about the software update’s new features for meetings.

The first version of the Apple Watch came out earlier this year, and users mainly used it to monitor health and track their activity. This latest software update, however, promises nearly 11,500 more apps that will be ideal for the watch’s small screen. That means event apps that require less customization will be able to be created for the watch.

Enhanced sensors will allow meeting planners to use features such as Taptic Engine, Digital Crown and accelorometer to gather data as well as use games and technology to engage attendees. Meeting attendees will also be able to direct attendees to transit information delivered through their smartwatch. Directions, maps and subway schedules are all available at the hair-past-a-freckle spot on attendees’ wrists.

The Facebook Messenger app for Apple Watch will now be able to text, send audio files and share locations right from the wrist, allowing social media pages to be updated instantly during an event. Apple Pay will also be easier to use, making it helpful for attendees checking in or paying for products on tradeshow floor. Attendees can now choose from a variety of credit cards and even earn rewards points through the payment feature.

While this latest software update is just the next step for the wearable technology industry, it is only predicted to increase as more and more updates roll out.

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