We Will Meet Again

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We will Meet AgainAndrew Chermark, founder of Smart Fleet, a GPS fleet tracking and management system company, was scheduled to attend two tradeshows and several smaller conferences in February and March that were canceled due to Coronavirus COVID-19. His office is closed, and his six employees are all working virtually. Chermark’s motto continues to be, “We will meet again.”

He is using this pause in his normal business routine as best as he can. Chermark and his team have redesigned the company’s logo and are updating its website as well. He is working on his business and looks forward to getting back out there when it is appropriate and looks forward to the time when we will meet again.

“I am also reaching out to all of my customers telling them I can’t wait until we can meet again,” says Chermark. “I have built my business the old-fashioned way. Cold calling, going to trade shows, and attending every conference I can. That will never change. Once the quarantine is lifted, I will be back at it again.”

How is he building team camaraderie when all of his employees are working from their homes in scattered locations? By playing Scattergories via Zoom. “It is a great way for us to bond as a team while having fun during this stressful time.”

He sent each employee copies of eight Scattergories cards and instructed them to have a pen and pad on hand. As the host of the game, Chermark controls the die and hourglass timer. He rolls the die to choose the letter that will be used in the game. The first word of each answer must begin with the key letter.

We Will Meet Again

Although it is taking a financial toll, Chermark is determined to keep paying his employees during this unprecedented time. “I feel the best way to be a successful leader is by taking care of your team, and that is what I am doing the best I can. One thing is for sure, we will meet again,” he enthuses.

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