Your Career

Soundings Elevate offers strength-based career coaching based on individual needs.

Planners: Have You Tried Career Coaching?

Soundings Elevate offers customized career coaching services for meetings and events professionals.

How Women in Events Can Jump the Gender Gap

A new report identifies ways women can leap over the gender gap in leadership that exists in the business events field.
Amex GBT

5 Need-to-Know Event Marketing Trends from Amex GBT

A new survey from Amex GBT highlights five key event marketing trends to focus on in 2024.

IRF Gears Up for Annual Invitational

The Incentive Research Foundation's 2024 IRF Invitational will take place May 28 to 31 at Baha Mar Resort, Nassau, The Bahamas.

Impact is IMEX’s 2024/25 Talking Point

Over the next two years, IMEX will be inviting people and organizations from across the global business events industry to make a more positive impact through their events.
Independent contractor

What Does the New Independent Contractor Rule Mean for You?

What does the Department of Labor’s new final rule on independent contractor criteria mean for independent meeting planners (and companies that hire them)?

What Do Meeting Industry Foundations Do?

Here's how the three major meeting industry organizations' nonprofit foundations provide support for the global events industry.
Vimari Roman's top 7 tips on how meeting planners can avoid burnout

Prevue Exclusive: Burnout Prevention for Meeting Planners

Industry pro and former meeting planner Vimari Roman shares insights on how to avoid burnout on the job.

21 Niche Event Industry Associations

In addition to major industry groups like MPI and PCMA, there are scores of niche industry associations that can serve your specific interests.

Prevue’s Visionary Summits 2024

Prevue's Visionary Summits fill the need for the elevated education experience required by experienced planners today.

Industry Groups Focusing on Women

Check out these four meeting industry groups giving women places to network, learn from one another and help each other advance their careers.

Meet the Women Behind Prevue

Meet the women of Prevue, the publisher and editors who cover the meetings and incentives industries diligently and creatively.

If You Don’t Know About UFI, You Need To

UFI may not be a household name, but it is a powerhouse of information and resources for the global exhibition industry.

Eight Great Online Resources to Reach Other Planners

Join the conversation! There’s a vibrant online community of meeting planners on all the social media sites.

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