On the Road

Global Entry Fees Set to Rise on Oct. 1

The Oct. 1 change marks the first rise in fees for the Global Entry and other Trusted Traveler Programs in 15 years.
fly without an id

Yes, You Can Fly Without an ID (Maybe)

Getting through airport security without a driver’s license or passport can be done — and I should know, because I did it. But it’s not an experience I would recommend.
stressful airports

The Most and Least Stressful Airports

Air travel is stressful — we all know that. But some airports are more stressful to fly through than others.

Tips for Staying Well on the Road

Road warriors, slow down a minute and read some tips about staying healthy while traveling.
airline disruption

How Airlines Plan to Combat Holiday Air Travel Disruptions

Experts predict this holiday season will set records for volume of travelers. Here’s how airlines are planning to avoid the holiday air travel disruptions that plagued travelers last year.

More Planes and Passengers Than Ever Expected to Fill the Skies in 2024

Record numbers of people are expected to travel in 2024, with an estimated 4.7 billion people traveling on planes.
airline merger

Airline Mergers Up in the Air

Airline mergers have been in the news lately. First it was the government trial to stop the JetBlue-Spirit merger, which just wrapped up. Now the focus turns to the proposed Alaska Airlines-Hawaiian merger.
preclearance at Dublin Airport

Save Time and Hassle by Preclearing Through Dublin

Ireland is the only European country offering U.S. passengers preclearance if they fly through Dublin, taking the hassle out of returning for U.S.–based travelers.
government shutdown

How a Government Shutdown Could Impact Meetings

A government shutdown once again is looming come November 17. Here’s what it could mean for meetings and events.
Road Warriors weigh in on what items are always in their suitcase.

10 Road Warrior Travel Tips

What indispensable items do road warriors pack in their suitcase? Prevue editors and Advisory Board members weigh in.

Packing Tips from Prevue Editors & Readers

Packing and travel tips for meeting planner "road warriors" from the editors and readers of Prevue magazine.

Hotel Towels Go Luxe

Here’s what some chains are offering that make the term “hotel towel” a luxury rather than a basic amenity.

Demand Drives Passport Delays Over 3 Months

It’s not too late to apply for a U.S. passport if you’re booking international travel for 2024, but time is running short for those who want to get away this year. The U.S. State Department...
healthy travel

The Best Advice for Staying Healthy When You’re On the Road

For you—our meeting planner audience—we've compiled a list of our top 10 articles about how to stay healthy when you travel.

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