June is Pride Month: 5 Best Practices for LGBTQ-Inclusive Events

June is Pride Month! Take action to ensure that every aspect of your event is inclusive to your LGBTQ attendees.

Create Connections With Diverse Local Suppliers

Did you know your local CVB can connect you with diverse event suppliers? These four cities pride themselves on their ability to do just that.
speaker diversity

Speaker Diversity: The Meetings Industry Still Falls Short

There are signs that our industry associations are focusing more on speaker diversity than used to be the case—but we still have a long way to go.
Tips from Jolene Jang, Asian Inclusivity Consultant

Asian Inclusivity at Meetings and Events

Jolene Jang is on a mission to foster Asian inclusivity at meetings and events.

SocialOffset: An Alternative to Meeting Boycotts

Boycotting or cancelling an event for political reasons can actually hurt the very people an organization intends to support.
Black Speakers Collection

Black Speakers Collection Keeps Growing

The Black Speakers Collection is a community dedicated to ensuring that Black speakers are no longer an afterthought.
Carolyn Browning, CMP, CMM on takeaways from the Event Accessibility Strategist Course

Accessibility at Events: 5 Top Tips

Carolyn Browning CMP, CMM, HMCC, shares takeaways from the Event Accessibility Strategist course.

Philadelphia Continues to Lead the Way in DEI

In her new role, Sheila Alexander-Reid plans to increase the brand value of Philadelphia as a welcoming DEI convention destination.
neu project

Neu Project Aims to Make Events More Neurodiverse

The recently launched Neu Project seeks to make events more inclusive for every type of brain, including the neurodivergent.
Tourism Diversity Matters

New Diversity and Inclusion Dictionary

Tourism Diversity Matters has a number of downloadable resources on its website, including a Diversity and Inclusion Vocabulary Guide.

What I’ve Learned From My Temporary Disability

What I've learned from having a temporary disability that would be worth thinking about when designing your next meeting or event.
Radical inclusion

Radical Inclusion: How to Make Events Feel Welcome to All

Radical inclusion sounds, well, radical, but it’s really just about using common sense to avoid problems that can make attendees feel unwelcome, disengaged and excluded.
community pop-ups

ASAE Adds Community Pop-Ups to 2022 Annual Meeting

ASAE is adding Community Pop-Ups to bring together under-represented communities during its Annual Meeting In August.
Bill of Rights for Airline Passengers with Disabilities

New Bill of Rights for Airline Passengers with Disabilities

A new Bill of Rights for Airline Passengers with Disabilities, announced by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, will affect travel for 70 million Americans. 

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