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In the ever-evolving landscape of hotel-planner negotiations, the dynamics have shifted significantly, influenced by the formidable pressures from procurement on the corporate front and revenue management on the hotel side.
Between its year-round mild weather, 825 miles of sandy coastline, and total dedication to being the consummate host, Florida is uniquely positioned to offer group experiences like nowhere else in the country…
Start with overall sales: 60%of respondents—all of whom are direct in-house meeting planners working for corporations to plan their incentive programs (no third parties)—reported that their companies’ sales increased in 2023, with another 21% saying that sales had remained the same as in 2022.
Advice from the experts and fellow meeting planners on how to green your meetings and travel.
Resources for meeting planners looking to advance their careers and/or find their next opportunity. Compiled by Prevue’s editors.
Compression, rising costs and fees, and staffing challenges require that planners re-think the way they work in 2023.
Industry experts share event design trends in food & beverage, format and speakers.
Ideas for designing an event with touchpoints inspired by the destination.
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Corporate Social Responsibility: It’s easier than you think and there is more than one way to do it well. Consider how to connect your cultural and corporate values to those of external mission-based organizations... Impact 4 Good has the answer. We call them the 4 Ps of meaningful CSR efforts.
Wellness means different things to different people. While there are some mechanical elements like being hydrated, getting enough sleep, etc., finding what makes you feel well varies from person to person. One person might find being strictly vegan with no alcohol makes him or her feel best while another might enjoy a cigar and a whiskey by the fire.
How to incorporate local, immersive and give-back experiences into your meeting or incentive program.
Wellness has taken on a new level of importance as all of us want to stay healthy, especially when traveling.
Attendee safety should be at the top of the list of considerations for any live meeting or event. When moving forward with a COVID-19 era event, safety becomes even more of a critical consideration.

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