Contracts & Negotiating

Contracts & Negotiating

meeting planners

Meeting Planner Pain Points: Inflation, Hidden Fees, Service Gaps and More

Unresponsive salespeople, inconsistent service, escalating hotel fees—working with hotels is forever changed, according to Prevue's meeting planner advisers.
surprise fees

Questions to Ask to Avoid Surcharge Surprises

Questions to ask to avoid unwelcome surcharge  surprises when it comes time to pay the final bill.
hidden fees

Avoid Being Hit with Hidden Fees

Don't be surprised by those hotel fees that are “hidden” in plain sight — you just have to know where to look for them.
hotel fees

Enough With Those Pesky Hidden Fees!

Meeting planners are being asked to pay for things that they never would have dreamed of being asked to pay for in the past.
Prevue panelists share tips on how planners and hoteliers can negotiate contracts in a seller's market.

Contract Negotiations in a Seller’s Market

Prevue panelists weigh in on how planners and hoteliers are negotiating contracts in an era of rising fees and reduced services.

Today’s Seller’s Market: Hotelier, Planners Weigh In

Prevue's panel of experts take a deep dive into how planners and hotels are navigating a seller's market in this era of disruption.
hotel fees

Hotel Fees Continue to Astound Planners

Among the assorted new hotel fees, planners report being asked to pay for things that they never would have dreamed of being asked to pay for in the past.
Marriott's Instant Booking tool allows streamlined booking for small meetings.

Marriott Makes it Easy to Book Small Meetings

Marriott has launched a simplified way for planners to search, source and book sleeping rooms and meeting space for small groups.
contract tips

Contract Tips You Need to Follow in 2023

Check out these contract tips for 2023 from Kimberly A. Pendo, a founding member of Chicago Law Partners and recent speaker at FICP's Annual Conference.
hotel fees

Hotel Fees Expected to Rise in 2023

Even as hotel rates are already up more than 18% in 2022 and are predicted to increase another 8% in 2023, hotel fees and surcharges appear to be on the rise as well.

Prevue Advisors Meet at IMEX: Higher Rates, Lower Service Levels

The annual meeting of Prevue Advisors, held Monday at Delano Las Vegas, revealed a past year fraught with frustration but also some solutions for dealing with the new normal.
fees surcharges

Fees, Surcharges and Mandatory Gratuities on the Rise?

Planners report that fees, surcharges and mandatory gratuities appear to be making a comeback in 2022.
meeting industry lawyer

Meeting Industry Lawyers You Need to Know, Part 2

Here are three meeting industry lawyers event planners can turn to for top-notch legal advice.
meeting industry lawayers

5 Meeting Industry Lawyers

Whether it's to review a contract or settle a dispute, these 5 meeting industry lawyers are top picks among meeting planners.

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