Behind the Exquisite Remake of Hilton Paris Opera

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Hilton Paris Opera
Le Grand Salon at Hilton Paris Opera

Following a $50 million refurbishment, Hilton Paris Opera opened in January on the Right Bank near the Paris Opera House. We flew in for the grand opening of the newly reflagged property, originally opened in 1889, and the result of the refurb is overwhelming the moment you walk into Le Grand Salon.

Previously, the reception desks were parked at the back of the Salon so people were constantly trudging through the public space with their luggage. To change that, Hilton placed the check-in area on the landing above the front stairs leading into the Salon, and replaced what was once reception area with a full length bar. Now the Salon’s communal space is purely for networking and socializing, surrounded by the exquisitely restored Belle Epoque decor rescued from decades of neglect.

The London-based Richmond International design firm restored the hand-painted frescos on the wall and the towering skylight 46 feet overhead, while adding a complex system of lighting to show off all the details.

There’s also now a long communal table in the center of the Salon in tune with hotel lobby trends these days, surrounded by updated retro furniture and furnishings where people can gather in small groups over their cappuccinos served with small cookies.

Off to the side of the Salon, the Baccarat Ballroom hosts 180 people for receptions. The restored Baccarat crystal chandeliers lend an aura of glamour to any event, and there are six nearby breakouts with natural light.

“After much anticipation we are ready to welcome guests to one of Paris’ great landmarks, beautifully renovated to reclaim its place in this historic neighborhood,” says Rob Palleschi, global head, full service brands, Hilton Worldwide.

You will love the guest rooms. They’re fresh and bright with playful Art Deco stenciling of Paris city scenes on the walls. The light celery and bone color tones enliven the rooms and play well with the natural light streaming through the tall windows.

Electronics are smart with USB ports and outlets placed on each side of the bed and near the small modern business desk below the 42-inch flatscreen TVs. Wi-Fi is super fast and very easy to connect to and get online quickly. The marble bathrooms are larger than we expected with large vanity mirrors rimmed with high-watt lighting.

Another one of our favorite elements at Hilton Paris Opera, the charming little Le Petit Bar is directly left of the front doors efter entering with large windows framing the Hausmman street scene. The intimate champagne bar is perfect for private small meetings and receptions separated from the rest of this absolutely stunning hotel.

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