Meet Well
August 7–9
Sunseeker Resort, Charlotte Harbor, Florida

The industry’s only event dedicated to healthy meetings + meeting planner wellbeing.


Set your Life in Motion—Sonia Satra, Soap Opera Star l Mind-body Coach l Motivational Speaker

Mind and body. Movement and mindset. Together, those are the most powerful tools in the world. They will get you anywhere you want to go – no matter how stuck you feel right now. Sonia Satra, soap opera star, award-winning mind-body coach, and motivational speaker, is an expert on the mind-body connection and founder of Moticise. In this keynote session, she will share her personal story and give you the tools you need to set your life in motion.


The Time for Mental Health Training Is Now—Janice Cardinale, founder, Cardinale Creative & Event Minds Matter

Hello My Name is Human. What does that mean in 2024? It is at the core of who we are and what it will take to prioritize human sustainability in our industry to become the first most mentally fit. The founder of Event Minds Matter, where the content is specifically created by like-minded event profs who volunteer their time to discuss the solutions to the stress, anxiety and burn out that the industry has been facing for decades, is on a mission to bring education and resources to an industry that labels itself the 6th most stressful job.  But why do the first 5 have mandated mental health training and our industry lags behind?  

Do you agree that mental health training should be mandated for the next generation looking to build a career in the industry?  Do you think other members of the industry would benefit as well?  Bring your thoughts, ideas and questions because this session will be interactive, safe and a place to share your thoughts.

A Holistic & Inclusive Approach to Healthier Meetings—Dave Stevens, Corporate Advisor, Olympian Meeting

A piecemeal approach to wellness is no longer enough. Just adding yoga at 6:00 a.m. to start the day does not take the bigger picture into account, if it takes away from attendees’ sleep and excludes those who might be intimidated (or just don’t like yoga). Dave Stevens, the host of Return on Wellness, will share his holistic approach to event experiences.

How to Work with Your Chef: Healthy F&B—Melissa Sherwood, Culinary Instructor l Nutrition Counselor l Public Speaker

In addition to being a television & radio personality,  nutrition educator and culinary instructor, Melissa Sherwood is a personal chef.  She will share her unique perspective on how to work with your hotel chef and F&B team to incorporate healthy substitutes and plant-based options into your meeting menu.

The Meet Well Retreat:
 daily yoga, fitness walks and personal coaching sessions for all attendees

Qualified planners will receive complimentary:
– Registration
– Hotel
– Meals
– Depending on the educational program, attendees will receive 3-5 CEUs from the Events Industry Council

*Attendees are responsible for their own transportation

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