Marriott International Implements Neuroinclusive Practices for Meetings

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Marriott International implements new practices for neurodivergent attendees.
Marriott hotels hosting groups of 250 or more welcome
neurodivergent attendees with an inclusivity action plan.

A few years ago, the Google Experience Institute and The Neu Project  teamed up to educate and empower planners on designing neuroinclusive events. The neurodivergent population, an estimated 20 percent worldwide, includes those with ADHD, autism, dyscalculia, dyslexia, dyspraxia, epilepsy, hyperlexia, obsessive-compulsive disorder and Tourette Syndrome, among others. Since then, Marriott has been a collaborator, aiming to learn directly from the neurodivergent community. Now, following recommendations from the Neu Project’s Event Professionals Guide to Neuroinclusive Events,  Marriott International has rolled out new practices for hotels hosting groups of 250 or more.

“The Neu Project was born out of a desire to rethink event experiences post-pandemic, and has since grown into a major initiative that is driving change at events across industries,“ said Megan Henshall, Global Events Strategy at Google. “Marriott understands that creating environments where differing perspectives and experiences can come together boosts creativity, and we have witnessed their passion for increasing inclusivity at meetings and events. We’re excited to continue working with them as we strive to create more inclusive experiences with and for the neurodivergent community.”

Marriott’s Neuroinclusvie Practices

Marriott’s new practices include:

  • Quiet Room: A dedicated room will be available during Marriott customer events for recovery from sensory overwhelm, restoration and regulation. Designed to foster the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of attendees, the room will serve as a calming retreat where guests can break from the event to manage fatigue, overload and/or sensory needs.
  • Tools and Resources: At registration, event attendees will have the opportunity to request various tools to better accommodate their needs, including sensory & fidget toys, noise canceling ear plugs, sleep masks, sunglasses, printed agendas and venue maps, and details about loud music, flashing lights or surprise moments taking place during the event.
  • Closed Captioning for Main Stage Presentations: Real-time subtitles and captions will be available on-screen during main stage event and conference presentations.
  • Available Upon Request: Special guest room placement away from high-traffic areas and away from potentially disturbing external elements such as bright lights, street noise or construction. White noise machines, if available. Event professionals will be available for pre-event consultation to review the agenda, answer logistical questions, provide a personal orientation/venue tour upon arrival, and/or assist with any additional onsite requests.

In 2024, Marriott plans to further its neuroinclusion efforts and shape future practices by working with The Neu Project to conduct active listening sessions with the neurodivergent community.

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