Comfortable Shoes for Meeting Planners

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comfortable shoes for meeting planners
Comfortable shoes for meeting planners are a must.

When you’re running a meeting or at a trade show, there might not be anything more important than comfortable shoes for meeting planners. After hearing what shoes female meeting planners wear to cope, we gave men a chance to weigh in.

Walking a trade show floor—and/or manning a booth—can be tough on one’s feet. Here are some comfortable shoes for male meeting planners (and here is a companion article about comfortable shoes for women).

“Trade show shoes are not an option, they are a must,” asserts Rich Vallaster, director, client relations & support, Personify Corp. “Luckily, more shoe companies are creating dress shoes built on an athletic shoe sole. On the higher end of cost and fashion, I prefer Cole Haan ZERØGRANDs (around $120-200). Rockport’s Total Motion Sport Dress Shoes (approximately $100-150) is another favorite.”

He adds, “Both shoes work great running through the airport, dress up a pair of jeans with a blazer, and work well with a suit. With many events lasting days, packing is always an issue, but these shoes reduce my need to bring any additional pairs.”

Eli Gorin, managing director, FHTglobal chimes in. “The most comfortable shoes I have found are Cole Haan’s. They are durable and well cushioned. I can walk for hours with no issues.”

Meanwhile, says Phelps R. Hope, senior vice president, meetings & expositions, Kellen, “I prefer Dockers business casual shoes as they have leather uppers for a professional look yet there’s a gel-pack heal for walking on hard floors. I buy at least two pair and rotate daily. While the shoes are the same, [the pairs] always have variations so changing helps avoid straining the feet, legs and lower back.”

But Stewart Mann, CEO/COO, Wild Rooster Events, likes Puma’s Ignite NXT line. “They have probably two or three times as much cushion as dress shoes, and fit like a sock. Comfort is more important than the look.”

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