Packing Tips from Prevue Editors & Readers

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Gabrielle Henderson

Prevue’s editors and meeting planner readers share their best packing tips for the rest of you traveling “road warriors.”

  • Packing cubes and organizers go a long way to keep you sane while you travel, not to mention help fit more in your carry-on. Some travelers transition the cubes to the drawers in their hotel room, saving space and re-packing time.
  • When you have to look fabulous, but don’t have the space in your rollaboard, wardrobe services like Rent the Runway will ship outfits right to your hotel.
  • Sign up for monthly travel samples; various makeup and skincare companies offer them. That way you won’t have to forgo your go-to’s or buy upon arrival.
  • … and if you can’t do that, use a small zip-close bag. Just squirt your hair conditioner, gel, lotion, etc. in their own bags and label with a marker. Put all the bags in a larger zip bag for extra protection.

    Packing Tips
  • Invest in foldable clothing instead of something that wrinkles immediately, like linen. Some road warriors crumple a shirt or dress while in the clothing store to make sure it will withstand folding and scrunching.
  • Take no more than two pairs of shoes, max. Actually, you’re taking one pair, because you’re wearing one for travel while the other pair goes in your carry-on. Coordinate your foldable clothing accordingly.
  • If you’re having trouble fitting everything, rolling your clothes will help create space in your suitcase as well as make packing shoes and other items easier.
  • Frequent travelers often keep a “go bag” of favorites ready to avoid packing, and trying to remember what to bring each time. Keep a packing list on your phone to stay on top of inventory.
  • Don’t forget your medicine, especially if you’re traveling internationally. Have your doctor prescribe an antibiotic you can bring, and of course, bring over-the-counter necessities like cold medicine.
  • If you’re checking bags, make sure to have a fresh change of clothing and toiletries in your carry-on, in case your luggage gets lost.
  • Happy travels!

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