Canada’s Cross-Culture Adventures

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Cross Culture Adventures
Mahikan Trails excursion in Banff (photo credit: Travel Alberta).

Sweeping across the continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Canada’s magnificent panorama of rocky shorelines, rugged wilderness, endless prairies and winter wonderlands has dazzled many a traveler over the years.

Yet the country’s cultural landscape is every bit as compelling as its geographical landscape, and the two combine to create unforgettable experiences for your incentive groups.

Emerging from the pandemic, incentive participants started gravitating toward deeper and more authentic connections in their host destinations, say industry experts, seeking immersive, experiential and community-based encounters focused on learning and discovery.

Whether centered around music, storytelling, art, food or all of the above, attendees today want to be more as well as do more during their visits.

Home to diverse cultures and their attendant experiential activities, Canada is the ideal destination for groups hoping to go beyond entertainment to cultural enlightenment. Following is just a sampling of what is available.

PEI’s famed red sand cliffs

The Maritime Culture of Atlantic Canada

Though modest in size, Prince Edward Island (PEI) is at the fore of Canada’s fascinating Maritime region, including New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Why are so many people drawn to places like Prince Edward Island? Natural, stunning beauty, for one thing, with red cliffs overlooking windswept dunes, picture-perfect coastal bays and salt marshes edged by forests, with rolling hills and a lush landscape dotted by fishing villages and historic towns.

But instead of simply capturing PEI on film, you can put yourself in the picture by joining a ceilidh aboard the Fiddling Fisherman. The event starts as a traditional fishing/lobstering excursion. Soon, however, your group will be immersed in Maritime culture—as they enjoy the folk music, singing and storytelling of their newfound, local friends in a manner akin to a “kitchen party.”

Not only will your team haul their catch aboard, steam it and eat it, their sumptuous dinner will be followed by dancing to the sounds of a live fiddle. Group members are encouraged to play along on spoons or show off their best step dancing moves. And when anyone needs a cold drink, leave the ice cubes in their trays because it will be iced by “bergy bits,” iceberg pieces foraged from the freezing waters.

It’s impossible not to join in the fun, and as night falls, so do any barriers between attendees and their hosts.

The Indigenous Cree Culture of Alberta

Head west to discover the stunning province of Alberta, home to the majestic Canadian Rockies, which slope down through dense forests and taper off on the endless, open prairie.

Set within Canada’s first national park is the mountain town of the same name, Banff, whose rugged scenery of snowcapped peaks and blue-green lakes sustains traditional winter experiences like skiing as well as unexpected discoveries such as soaking in hot springs, skating and fine dining.

Hiking through Banff’s alpine meadows and forests is a must, but your group won’t go it alone. They will be under the expert direction of an Indigenous guide who can basically point to and identify any plant, tree or bush and tell the group how it can be used for survival, whether to eat, start a fire, or make a cider to treat a cold or flu.

Groups will learn not only how to identify plants for themselves, but how to use them to make simple remedies. It’s a return to ancient knowledge that has survived through the millennia and is still important today, not only to give life but improve its quality.

Such is the purpose of so many cultural encounters in Canada, and we’ve only scratched the surface here.

To find out more about the vast number of transformational incentive adventures available in Canada, contact Destination Canada’s Business Events team. They can offer impartial insights and advice to help you personalize your incentive programs and create life-changing moments for your group that will never be forgotten.

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