Incentive Travel with a Cultural Twist

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Taiwan’s indigenous villages offer a unique opportunity for incentive travelers to explore a rich culture and history beyond typical tourist destinations.

While Taiwan’s present day population is majority Han Chinese, its original residents were indigenous Austronesian tribes who occupied the island for 15,000 years before settlers from China arrived in the 17th century.

It is still possible for groups to experience the unique culture of these little-known indigenous Taiwanese tribes today, while enjoying upscale accommodations that offer a unique blend of traditional and modern amenities, such as boutique hotels and eco-resorts.

Groups can incorporate unique teambuilding activities into their itineraries that allow them to interact with Taiwan’s indigenous tribes through traditional dance lessons, archery lessons, or bamboo rafting. Hands-on arts and crafts workshops are also available where attendees can learn pottery, weaving, and other indigenous arts and crafts.

Itineraries can include a visit to the Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines in Taipei, which is one of the largest museums devoted to indigenous cultures featuring around 2,000 artifacts; or the National Museum of Prehistory in Taitung, which was built to preserve a Puyuma tribe archaeological site and teach about Taiwan’s indigenous cultures.

Exclusive access to indigenous festivals featuring cultural performances, traditional music, and delicious food can also be included in an itinerary. Orchid Island, off the southeastern coast of Taiwan, is home to the most remotely located indigenous tribe known as the Tao. At certain times of the year the Tao tribe holds its canoe launching and Flying Fish festivals that are open to the public. While in Taitung City, on Taiwan’s east coast, the Festival of Austronesian and Formosa Indigenous Cultures is held each summer, bringing together indigenous people to share their traditional customs, song and dance.

Groups can also create personalized itineraries that focus on exploring Taiwan’s indigenous culture, including visits to specific tribes, workshops with local artisans, and stargazing with indigenous guides.

Incorporating Taiwan’s indigenous culture into an incentive travel itinerary is a unique way to create an unforgettable experience for top performers.

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