Sustainable Events in Toronto

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Award-winning LEED Platinum Enercare Centre

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When it comes to sustainability, the events and conference industry in Toronto continues to initiate, innovate and inspire.

Working towards greater sustainability within the events, meetings and conference industry is paramount, and Toronto is proud to be leading by example. Committing to solid sustainable practices involves taking stock of what we can do, making a viable to-do list and seeing it through. 

The Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) works toward sustainability in so many ways. Every year, the facility redirects 90% of event waste from landfill from its 442,000 sq.ft of exhibit space. In 2019/2020, almost one million kilograms of waste was diverted or recycled, the equivalent in weight to 500 cars.

The building itself — part of Enwave Energy’s Deep Lake Water Cooling system — is a model of energy conservation. Other innovative practices at the MTCC include the upkeep of an apiary on the roof, a rooftop Chef’s garden, textile recycling and the local procurement of food.

With its award-winning LEED Platinum Enercare Centre and the LEED Silver Beanfield Centre — the only heritage building in the world to have achieved this accreditation — Exhibition Place spearheads environmental initiatives and cutting-edge green technologies across the board.

Exhibition Place’s GREENSmart environmental stewardship program includes a thermal energy distribution system that reduces the amount of energy needed to heat and cool its buildings. Energy-efficient systems are also in place to conserve power with regard to lighting, including LED streetlights. The complex also works with clients to recycle items created during events via more than 40 different streams. Two green roof projects reduce HVAC costs and greenhouse gas emissions. As well, an urban forestry program of 2,770 trees on its 152-acre site further reduces pollution.

Toronto has the third-highest percentage of sustainable hotels in the world. According to data provided by comparison firm Uswitch and, nearly one-quarter of the hotels in Toronto are certified sustainable, incorporating a variety of best practices into their operations. These include energy-efficient lighting, low-flow water systems, eco-friendly bathroom products and cleaning supplies, reducing plastic use, setting up filtered water stations in hallways and encouraging guests to reuse towels and linens. Décor and furnishing material options include organic fabrics, unfinished and sustainable wood, reclaimed materials, and recycled metal and plastic.

Toronto is committed to building on the foundation of sustainable practices, achieving them and then setting new ones.

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