Freelancers for Hire: How Shared Economy Platforms Could Influence Meetings

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air events global

air events global is an online platform that connects meeting planners with freelancers to outsource any meeting-related work.

Based in Australia, the company’s shared economy platform launched for the North American market this past weekend. In this Shakedown, Prevue speaks with Victoria Garlick, CEO of air events global, about the platform and how the shared economy may transform the future of meetings.

What is the easiest way to explain air events global to potential clients wanting to book event freelancers?

As a shared economy platform, you (the client) would post the event brief, and then event freelancers apply for the work and you would approve or decline [their application]. There is no cost at all to you as the client, nor is there any obligation to go ahead if there is no one that you think is suitable. 

How last minute can meeting planners in need of a quick hand post jobs?

We have an on-demand function on the air events global website in which meeting planners can book event freelancers completely last minute. The event freelancers can be booked to come and help set up a meeting, meet and greet attendees, liaise with keynote speakers and/or pack down after the meeting. We also have many virtual assistants on air events global that are keen to be a support network for event planners with meetings and help with event documents, meeting minutes and the like.

What sets your platform apart from other better-known, freelance-for-hire websites such as Upwork or SimplyHired?

Unlike other platforms that have freelancers for any market, we are a niche marketplace for the events industry. Our focus is on supporting the events industry through providing a simple, self-serving shared economy platform for both sides of the marketplace: clients and freelancers.

Unlike other platforms that have freelancers for any market, we are a niche marketplace for the events industry.

Do you have any social influencers on air events global that can be matched with a brand and/or client?

We do! We have a number of freelancers that are social media influencers and are looking to be matched to a brand or event. We classify an influencer as someone with 3,000-plus real followers on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

What are your thoughts on the sharing economy?

There are not many sectors that won’t be impacted by the efficiencies of both sharing economy and peer-to-peer online platforms, and when you look at the structure of the event job market today, it is quite inflexible. Through our shared economy platform, we are providing the stage to facilitate this flexibility, which we believe will make the event marketplace much more efficient.

How do you see shared economy platforms like air events global affecting the future of meetings?

air events global is connecting people that need event workers to help and support event planners with any and all of their event requirements. It is a different way to source staff, as opposed to going through a recruitment agency.

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