5 Experiential Trends That Will Liven Up Your Holiday Event

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Holiday event donuts; Photo Credit: Conor Luddy/ Unsplash

The holiday season is officially upon us, which means corporate planners are likely switching into high planning gear as they smooth out last-minute details for their corporate holiday events.

Creativity and experiential opportunities are in high demand, as attendees expect more out of these gatherings. So, in case you’ve run out of ideas, here are five experiential trends that you can still incorporate into this year’s affair.

Carnival Games

Remember how fun going to a carnival was as a kid? Well, Cirque du Soleil and other high-end circus acts are proving that it can be just as fun for adults. Craft your holiday event around a carnival theme, and incorporate various games, food and activities. Think toy boat races and soda bottle toss. Top off the night with a cirque performer or two to leave attendees feeling thoroughly entertained.

Graffiti Wall

Bring in a digital wall that attendees can write inspirational messages on or create a mural with their fingertips via a tablet or other device. Better yet, hang a blank canvas or blank cloth that attendees can paint on or write on using markers to let out a little creativity.

Photo, Photos, Photos

Photo ops continue to be on the top of the priority list, but it’s a good idea to have more than just one. Yes, a photo booth or a wacky sculpture that serves as a backdrop can be fun. But you can also get a bit retro by having photographers with Polaroid cameras walk around the party. This makes for a bit more spontaneity in the pictures, while still allowing attendees to take something home.

Flavorful Injections

Interactive F&B is another trend that’s sure to entertain attendees, but to avoid things getting too messy, create a station of flavor-injecting syringes. Not only do they make for a creative display (especially for any medical or healthcare events), but they are also a little DIY without actually putting attendees to work. This option works best for desserts in that you can provide different filling flavor options for attendees to inject into, say, a donut, cupcake or other delicious pastry.

Holiday Card Making for Charity

If you’re looking to get creative while also giving back, then set up a holiday card–making station. Simply, provide the cards or paper for attendees to craft a card, and then encourage them to write a cheerful message to someone in need. Then, you can send off the cards to whatever charity you decide. Cards for Hospitalized Kids, Operation Gratitude and Support Military Spouses are good places to start.

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