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Comfortable shoes important
Proper-fitting shoes can make or break a conference or trade show.

Walking a trade show floor can wreak havoc on one’s feet. Some meeting planners have advice on comfortable shoes for meetings.

We asked meeting planners about their recommendations for comfortable shoes for meetings, and here’s what they said.

“I lean toward a flat versus high heels, and something with a strap, Mary Jane style, to keep the shoe in place,” said Maralynn Adams, owner & senior event director, the Corporate Event Group. “I also acquired some arch support insoles for shoes that need help, and I always bring a second pair of shoes for later in the day, which gives my sore feet some relief.”

Added Dana Tilghman, senior events planner, Minitab, “For warmer climates I have Hush Puppies flat dress sandals that I love. They are comfortable and allow a little extra room if my feet swell. For colder areas I’ll put on Grasshoppers wedges. These have a nice foam insole and are great to wear when on your feet all day.”

Niesa Silzer, president, Details!, likes John Fleuvog Shoes. “Anything of theirs is comfortable, especially pairs with round toes. They are roomy and the soles feel thick.”

Fleuvogs are fashion forward, so they don’t appear functional, yet that make them long lasting, she said. “Because they’re more funky, they are timeless. I never feel out of style when I wear them.”

Costing between $200 and $400, she admitted, “they aren’t cheap but they’re quality shoes and last long. I have pairs I’ve worn for 10 years. If you wear a pair of cheap shoes [at a trade show], odds are you’ll have blisters by the end of the day.”


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