Deconstructing the Banquet Menu: How to Make Healthy/Safe Choices

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Speaker: Angela Gaffney, president, Essential Health & Wellness

Every detail of the meeting is coming together just fine and then you hit the tough spot . . . planning a menu to accommodate all the food allergies in your group. Not only do you have to work with gluten and dairy allergies, but someone has included corn on the list! “What in the world is this coming to” you think to yourself, and “why so many food constraints?”

Adding food allergies into the fold can prove to be a stressful situation. Banquet menus are filled with unhealthy options and hidden allergens lurking behind seemingly innocent descriptions. Gaffney will work with real banquet menus to point these out and help meeting planners make the healthiest, safest choices.

In this session we will:

  • Uncover simple strategies to create allergy-friendly menus
  • Learn how to create an all-inclusive F&B experience
  • Review simple swaps to provide ease in planning

White Paper:
This white paper will give you insight on the latest trends and best-in-class practices for integrating wellness into your next event.

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Moderated by Dianne Devitt, Founder, dnd group

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