Life Balance Stress

Life Balance & Stress Mitigation for Meeting Planners

Trends Report

Prevue, in partnership with Martin C. Lowery of Opus Vertex International, is proud to present Life Balance & Stress Management for Event Planners. This white paper offers strategies for adjusting your current life balance dashboard to better manage stress, including sleep hacks, mindfulness and meditation. Download your free copy today!

For your free copy of the “Life Balance & Stress Mitigation for Meeting Planners” Trends Report, click on download button below.

Webinar Video

Meeting planning, as a profession, results in the same levels of toxic stress as working as an active duty police officer. This webinar will incorporate exercises in breathing and mindfulness lead by Martin Lowery, who is a certified clinical hypnotherapist.

In this interactive, experiential session, participants will explore:

  • their current life balance dashboard
  • options to better manage stress in their lives

Featured Speaker:

Martin LoweryMartin Lowery
OpusVertex International

Martin Lowery is an executive coach, leadership consultant, professional speaker and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Martin has a deep interest in cognitive and neuroscience and how we leverage that knowledge with practical applications in both the workplace and in our personal lives. He has worked with small executive teams to audiences of over 2,000 and travelled over 2 million miles to over 30 countries in sharing his extensive expertise in helping individuals and organization reach their fullest potential.


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