How to Make Sure Your Incentive Isn’t Just Another Day at the Beach

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From Cape Town to the plains of the Serengeti to the seductive beaches, temples and jungles of Thailand, to the lure of the Big Apple—New York, there are destinations that speak to us on an emotional level, and where we imagine ourselves traveling to one day.

When you combine a well-designed incentive program with the anticipation of a spectacular, awe-inspiring reward trip, you can achieve more consistent employee performance, better customer experiences, and business growth. In this session, we will explore how offering “can’t buy” reward trips to bucket-list destinations will move the needle on your business objectives. We will use Auckland, New Zealand as a case study to illustrate key concepts, such as the yearn to earn, a sense of place, and the familiarity conundrum.

Learning Objectives: 
– Understand how the right rules structures paired with the lure of a bucket-list destination can achieve greater outcomes for your business
– Explore how to meet and exceed the expectations of well-traveled participants with authentic experiences, impossible-to-access-on-you-own venues, and shareable “FOMO” moments.
– Discuss ways to overcome the challenges of a long-haul destination for your reward program

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