Virtual Connectedness

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Virtual Connectedness
Jaki Baskow of Las Vegas Speakers Bureau and singer Keith Urban

The COVID-19 coronavirus crisis has forced many event cancellations and postponements, but meeting professionals understand that the show must go on. And to this end, and in many instances, are holding gatherings focused on virtual connectedness. How do you make sure they are inspirational and riveting? Here are two companies that are helping. Check back here for similar stories about virtual connectedness.

Las Vegas Speakers Bureau Helps With Virtual Connectedness

Las Vegas Speakers Bureau has created an ‘Inspiring Speakers Series’ featuring virtual connectedness where people who have overcome extreme adversity have found a way to thrive. The stories are shared virtually in real-time and include employee interaction over existing conferencing platforms. Las Vegas Speakers Bureau has many great options to choose from and will work with you to find the best fit for your audience. The common thread is all the speakers being featured have an inspiring story to share about facing and working through an unforeseen challenge and thriving.

“There are some speakers, who ordinarily get tens of thousands of dollars plus travel costs, who will address your employees for much, much less,” says Jaki Baskow, owner/founder, Las Vegas Speakers Bureau. “During this time, it is important to continue to inspire your team, and with this option, you can do that without having to dig deep into your pocket.”

Virtual ConnectednessImpact 4 Good Helps And Virtual Connectedness

“Like many companies out there, you find yourselves moving at breakneck speed into another week of remote work and what has become the new normal. Organizations are finding their stride in how they stay connected, whether it’s weekly half-hour Zoom conferences or informal happy hours on Friday afternoon via Google Hangouts,” says Ira Lawrence Almeas, CITE, president of Impact 4 Good. “We are all adjusting to this new normal while at the same time focusing on keeping our dispersed teams together on the digital plane. As always, Impact4Good desires to connect your employees with the local community, and with each other, remain as strong as ever.”

Every team is unique, with different needs, goals, and objectives. With that in mind, Impact4Good has a customized platform to connect employees with their local community and with their entire dispersed teams. One experience includes, “The Great Give back Game Show.” Professionally facilitated shows and curated content are designed for virtual meetings. “We’re there with you every step of the way to help you turn a less engaging virtual meeting experience into great works of meeting excellence and making a difference,” says Almeas.

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