‘Singapore: Inside Out’ Art Show Celebrates A New Wave of Creativity

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Singapore Inside Out
‘Singapore: Inside Out’ is showing in Beijing, London and New York.

Singapore is celebrating 50 years of independence in 2015 with a host of new SG50 programming. A major thrust behind the programs being developed highlights the creative community in Singapore, which has long been overshadowed by the city-state’s reputation as a global wealth management hub.

The new Singapore: Inside Out traveling art showcase is designed to shift that conversation a bit among international audiences. The works of over 20 Singaporean artists, designers, writers, filmmakers and other creative talents will be displayed in a modern, modular scaffolding installation in Beijing in April, London in June and New York in September.

“I think there’s a sense that there is this wave of creative energy that’s sweeping over Singapore,” says Lionel Yeo, CEO of Singapore Tourism Board. “Singapore: Inside Out is a true showcase of our creative talents in fields as diverse as digital arts, dance, music, textiles, graphic design and literature, and some of the work that they have produced. I think it’s really well designed to show the more creative side of Singapore.”

Some of the featured creative talents include architect Chang Yon Ter, who beautifully integrates nature and the built environment, and the Kinetic marketing agency that blends commerce and creativity in new ways.

We’re also kind of in love with the Supermama store and artist residency, which attendees should visit when in Singapore for one-of-a-kind pieces highlighting emerging and established artists.

During the roadshow, Singapore: Inside Out will be collaborating with creative artists in each of the host cities. In Beijing, for example, new media entrepreneur Tan Siok Siok will be sharing her project, “The Crowd & I.” The crowdfunded book is a collection of iPhone photography crowdsourced from travelers around the world.

“You see this new spark of creativity in many different areas,” Yeo says. “You see that in music for example. There are a lot of talented Singaporeans showing a lot of potential and promise in music. We see some very interesting fashion designers creating beautiful clothes for Singapore, as well as international markets.”

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