Top 5 Tucked-Away Berlin Meeting Venues

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Zitadelle Berlin, Berlin, Germany, Europe, Zwingli Church
Zitadelle Berlin

Berlin is a vibrant city full of hotels and meeting venues offering trendy F&B, high-tech audiovisual capabilities and funky spaces.

Here are five tucked-away Berlin meeting venues, however, that meeting planners should include in their search to find an ideal event space.

The Botanischer Garten with Botanisches Museum

The Botanischer Garten with Botanisches Museum provides an open-air outdoor space as part of Europe’s only botanical museum. The 106-acre museum enchants groups with its tropical plants and wooded areas.

The Brandenburg Gate Museum

Hidden in the heart of Berlin on Pariser Platz, The Brandenburg Gate Museum’s minimalist architecture allows for the views of Brandenburg Gate from the entryway area to truly shine through. Plus, its Immersive Showroom, featuring a 270-degree panorama wall with 87 high-octave screens and a 38-channel surround sound, is the ultimate tech experience for corporate presentations.


Groups can meet in a 100-year-old pumping station amidst massive engines painted green and red in the station’s former engine room. Up to 600 attendees can gather in the unique networking space with beautiful wooden floors and glass windows.

Zitadelle Berlin

The Zidatelle (or citadel) provides a wide range of event spaces in its massive brick and stone structure. Between Italian courtyards, expansive Gothic Hall and Old Barracks, groups will find an ideal location for their event. The fortress is particularly popular as a location for film or TV productions.

Zwingli Church

In 2007, the once historic Zwingli Church was restored to its original glory before the Berlin Wall was built, leaving the church abandoned for more than four decades. Seating for more than 1,000 attendees is available beneath the massive colored-glass windows that change the space’s lighting, depending on the time of day.

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