3 Strange Equator Tests to Try in Quito, Ecuador

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Quito, Ecuador, equator, equator tests, Inti Nan Solar Museum
Quito, Ecuador

Many dispute where exactly the equator crosses in Quito, Ecuador, and in fact, where the government built a huge monument to honor the line is actually several feet from where the still-disputed “real” line stands.

Regardless, there are fun tests for attendees visiting the famous line and its Inti Nan Solar Museum to prove they are standing at the center of the Earth. Here are three that go beyond the typical sun-dial observation (that faces upward instead of horizontal on the equator) for planners to incorporate into a team building program.

Water-Funneling Trick

Visitors to the museum will be able to experience the museum’s famous water-funneling trick. Guides will set up a portable sink to show that water funnels counter clockwise when placed on the northern hemisphere and clockwise on the southern hemisphere, while simply falling straight down on the equator line.

Finger-Pulling Trick

Another trick that will help attendees figure out where they’re standing involves one person holding their thumb and forefinger in an O shape. On the north and south side, it’s very difficult for someone else to pry them apart. However, on the equator, that same person trying to pry them apart can do so with ease.

Egg-Balancing Trick

On the equator, attendees can test their balancing skills by trying to place an egg upright on a nailhead. If this occurs on the actual line, it should balance with ease.

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