5 Experiences to Explore During Argentina’s Bicentennial

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Iguaza Falls, Argentina, Mendoza, Buenos Aires, gauchos, Argentina's bicentennial
Iguaza Falls

This year marks 200 years of independence for Argentina. For those groups looking to be part of Argentina’s bicentennial celebration, here are five experiences to check out:

Be A Gaucho

Alchemy, a high-end travel experience operator, launched a new itinerary that allows attendees to become a gaucho or Argentinean cowboy for a day. Attendees will visit a large estancia (or ranch) outside of Buenos Aires and will go horseback riding and even help out with farm activities. The experience concludes with a traditional Argentinean-style asado (or barbecue), using meat and vegetables produced on the estancia.

Iguazu Falls

In the middle of the jungle stands the 262-foot Iguazu Falls. Its roaring water, surrounded by rainbows and subtropical wild animals make it one of the new seven natural wonders of the world. Attendees can experience it by boat and be be taken inside the Garganta del Diablo, the waterfall’s biggest train of water. Attendees can also take a plane or helicopter to visit the famous site.

Esteros del Ibera

Groups can take a boat safari through Ibera lake and the country’s famous marshlands located in Corrientes province. Here, attendees will get up close and personal with howler monkeys, swamp deer, capybaras and more than 350 species of birds.

Wine Country

In the Mendoza province, groups can visit the largest wine-producing area in all of Latin America. As attendees explore the hundreds of wineries on the Argentina Wine Route, they can stop in Mendoza (the province’s capital city) for lively bars, restaurants and cafes that stay open well into the night.

Buenos Aires’ Theater Scene

Buenos Aires is home to some of Latin America’s best theatrical productions, and there are three theater circuits to explore. The public or “official” one is formed by theaters that depend on the government and produce mostly classical plays. The private or commercial one, located mainly along Corrientes Avenue, produces a lot of comedies. Then, there’s also the alternative one in the Abasto area, featuring small facilities that show independent theater productions.

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