How To Increase Event ROI with These 5 Tips

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Event ROI

Events have become one of today’s best marketing tools. They help your organization generate sales, get more leads and increase brand awareness. Even the largest, most successful events, however, have to prove their worth. Here are five ways to increase your event ROI and make next year’s event even better.

Use Big Data

Use online data to identify when attendees have registered for your event and what caused that action. You can use this information to create a marketing timeline for your event. Free tools like Google URL Builder or Bitly can help you track various URLs related to your event to see what marketing efforts are working.

Get Sponsorships

Getting sponsors to pay for some of the event is an efficient way to spend less money, while helping out major players in the community.

Reward Brand Advocates

Ask brand advocates to drive attendance to your events, and track each influencer with a tracking url to see who has driven the most registrants. Then, reward the winner with free registration to the event or a VIP status.

Boost Audience Participation

Use gamification to increase attendee engagement at your event. Mobile apps such as EventMobi create fun challenges for attendees to meet someone new, find a specific speaker or compete to see who can get the most check-ins. This type of engagement leads to sharing within various networks, creating a positive attitude about your event.

Follow Social Media

Create a hashtag and follow it during the event to get immediate feedback. Use it to address problems such as bottlenecks in lines or a chair shortage in a specific room to further enhance the attendee experience. TweetDeck helps track attendees easily on Twitter.

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