5 Creative Team Building Activities at Airlie House

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Airlea House
Artist for a Day team building event at Airlea House

From catapult building challenges to painting activities that bring out attendee creativity, historic Airlie House in Northern Virginia has a range of innovative team building options for groups.

Airlie House in Northern Virginia was built in 1899 by wealthy Philadelphia native Harry Groome. The original structure was a three-story Georgian Revival building with its own formal gardens and farm. However in 1924 a fire consumed the building, which was rebuilt by Groome as a two-story manor house that stands to this day.

In 1962 it became the Airlie Center and was declared an “Island of Thought” by Life Magazine after hosting progressive conferences in the fields of education, public health, environmental research and social progress. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. met at Airlie to fight segregation and organize for civil rights; and in 1988 over 150 LGBT leaders assembled to advance human rights.

Today, the property is recognized as one of the Historic Hotels of America, a program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and continues to uphold its legacy of progress and innovation. Boasting 17 distinctive rooms and customizable outdoor spaces that can accommodate groups of 8 to 280+, Airlie House also offers innovative meeting packages and team building programs:

The Compass Hunt

Groups participate in a scavenger hunt around the expansive grounds of the Airlie to collect clues and find treasure. The hunt takes 2-3 hours and prices start at $1,830 per group.

Artist for a Day

No previous painting experience is necessary for this artistic team-building activity that promotes creativity and socialization skills. The activity takes 3 hours and each participant will walk away with their own masterpiece. Prices begin at $49 per person for groups of more than 10; and $61 per person for groups of 10 and under.

The Domino Effect

Participants work together in small groups to design an epic domino rally. The activity lasts 1-2 hours and prices start at $1,600 per group.

Organic Garden Cooking Challenge

After learning about organic gardening, groups are divided into teams and are given 15 minutes to harvest ingredients from the Airlie garden and an hour to prepare an entrée. The activity takes 2 hours and is priced at $110 per person with a minimum of five people required.

Crazy Catapults

Teams work together to create unique catapults that can perform to increasingly demanding parameters. The activity lasts 2-3 hours and prices start at $1,525 per group.

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