Equine Training on Mackinac Island

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Mackinac Island
Equine Training at Mission Point

Mission Point resort on the shores of Michigan’s Mackinac Island is offering unique Equine Assisted Leadership Workshops to help corporate groups improve communication and collaboration.

Mackinac Island is famous for having banned cars in 1898, making it an established law in 1923 when visitors attempted to flout the informal ban. The island is well known for its horses, with around 600 on the island during tourist season and a strong equestrian culture.

Mission Point, set on 18 acres of waterfront property and boasting 38,000 sf of flexible meeting space, has drawn on this deep-rooted local history to create a meetings experience that lets attendees develop new communication skills by working with horses.

The resort’s Equine Assisted Leadership Workshops are designed to enhance a team’s focus on nonverbal communication, interpersonal communication, team building leadership, and sales management.

Research has shown that 85% of all workplace failures have been attributed to lack of collaboration or ineffective communication, while separate studies have shown that working with horses can have positive impact on interpersonal relationships, emotional awareness and empathy, stress tolerance, problem solving skills and non-verbal communication.

For more information, visit missionpoint.com.

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