Mall of America’s New Attractions Take Groups to New Heights

Parkview Meeting + Event Center
Parkview Meeting + Event Center

Attendees meeting at the Mall of America (MOA) can now experience some of America’s best-known landscapes—snow-capped mountains, rushing rivers and idyllic farmlands—without even leaving the mall. FlyOver America, a flight simulation ride that takes participants on an aerial tour of the States using virtual flight technology, launched this month in addition to the new Parkview Meeting + Event Center. Both new venues are located adjacent to one another in the southwest corner of the mall’s Nickelodeon Universe amusement park.

Curious attendees can strap into chairs on the FlyOver America ride, which suspends riders in the air at heights between 10 to 40 feet above ground in specialized ride vehicles situated in front of a giant half-spherical dome screen. The 10-minute experience takes attendees on a 10,000-mile virtual reality experience that includes special effects such as wind, mist and scents combined in the chair’s motion.

Not only will the ride entertain attendees before, after or even during an MOA event, but the new Parkview Meeting + Event Center is designed with a similar amount of whimsy, creating an indoor-outdoor vibe for events within the mall. Its 4,000-sf private event space features a balcony overlooking Nickelodeon Universe that combines LED lighting and glass to create a luminescent ambiance. Meeting planners will even be able to control the opacity of the windows overlooking the amusement park. A scalloped ceiling, custom carpeting, custom large-scale digital wall coverings and rich walnut accents complete the design.

Meeting planners needn’t worry about noise either. The architect—Krech, O’Brien, Mueller & Associates Inc.—worked with acoustical engineers to soundproof both new venues to avoid any interruptions from the nearby amusement park.