OUE Skyspace Los Angeles Slides in Offering New Heights

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OUE Skyspace Los Angeles, Los Angeles, attraction, Southern California, California
OUE Skyspace Los Angeles

Groups can now experience Los Angeles from new heights in event space available at OUE Skyspace Los Angeles—offering an experience on par with Chicago’s Willis Tower and New York’s Empire State Building.

Located in the city’s iconic US Bank Tower in downtown, California’s tallest observation deck debuted in July. Attendees start the experience with an elevator ride up to the 54th floor where they will be greeted by a virtual George Lopez, who gives a tour of the interactive exhibits celebrating the city’s culture and history. Other interactive tours include KCRW’s Music Director Jason Bentley sharing insight into the city’s music venues viewable from the Skyspace Observation deck and NBC4’s Sports Anchor Fred Roggin telling stories about sports history in the L.A. Coliseum, host of three Olympics. Lastly, Film Critic Leonard Maltin offers a glimpse into the history of Hollywood and filmmaking.

Another elevator will take groups up to the 69th and 70th floors where more multimedia content teaches attendees about the landmarks visible from the observation deck. The 360-degree views of Los Angeles can even be experienced from the Skyslide, an all-glass slide that takes attendees between the two observation levels in a matter of seconds. Of course, the attraction is available for groups up to 300 to takeover a 3,400-sf portion of the 70th floor. Or a full buyout is available for up to 800 attendees. This includes space in the Skyspace lobby on the second floor; the space on the 54th, 69th and 70th floors; and also the Skyslide. Projectors, microphones and a DJ-ready sound system make it ideal for any kind of event.

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