The Ranch 4.0 Jumpstarts Attendee Wellness in Malibu

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The Ranch 4.0 at Four Seasons Westlake Village
Private greenhouse at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village

Meeting attendees that need a full-on detox will appreciate The Ranch 4.0 at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village, located near Malibu, Calif. The all-inclusive wellness program offers attendees a condensed, 4-day version of the brand’s signature 7-day stay—perfect for groups looking for a get-fit-quick retreat.

The Ranch at Live Oak in Malibu partnered with the on-property California Health & Longevity Institute (CHLI) to offer The Ranch 4.0, which features a Thursday-through-Monday stay. The wellness program is designed specifically for busy professionals who are unable to stay away for a full week, but want to lose weight, learn more about their physical health and learn healthy eating habits.

“[The program] is most challenging through its signature daily routine, structure and measurable results orientation,” says Alex Glasscock, founder of The Ranch at Live Oak. “The amount of nutrition and fitness knowledge imparted in a short amount of time is invaluable and welcome by all guests.”

The 4.0 version is similar to The Ranch’s 7-day stay, with eight to 10 hours per days of rigorous exercise, including four hours of morning mountain hiking and an afternoon of exercise classes that consist of core and ab work, weights, body toning and sculpting, daily group yoga sessions as well as a daily massage. A daily 1,400-calorie diet of vegetarian fare served in a private greenhouse at the property rounds out the experience.

“The Ranch 4.0 program has been carefully crafted to provide a ‘jump start’ towards achieving maximum fitness and weight loss goals and offers guests a unique wellness experience by tapping into California Health & Longevity Institute’s signature programs and services,” says Glasscock.

Taking advantage of the facilities at the institute, The Ranch 4.0 will include diagnostic fitness testing through a BOD POD body composition assessment and a VO2 Metabolic test. Attendees will also participate in a healthy nutrition class and cooking demonstration, led by a registered dietitian-chef from the on-property Wellness Kitchen.

“The program works incredibly well for groups. We can tailor the daily schedule and program intensity while holding true to the program’s mission and values,” says Glasscock. “Our standard program accommodates groups of 18, but we can flex to use all 200 plus rooms at the hotel and takeover the entire hotel and CHLI facility.”

During The Ranch 4.0, guests will stay at the Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village. In addition to the program, attendees have access to the Spa at Four Seasons, including steam, sauna, whirlpools and indoor and outdoor swimming pools. À la carte services such as medical testing and evaluation, dermatology, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, spa treatments and energy healing are available for attendees looking to stay a little longer for an additional cost.

“The greatest benefit is the group bonding experience that happens through being challenged during participation a rigorous fitness or wellness regime,” says Glasscock. “The guests depart being very close, aligned and having measurable fat loss and detoxification.”

For groups with even less time, The Ranch 4.0 staff can tailor the fitness regime to all types of group experiences staying at the Four Seasons, says Glasscock. The property also offers an organic heirloom farm tour for attendees to visit Philen Pharms, which grows rare fruits. Experts on the tour will provide tips on organic and heirloom growing, and attendees will get to eat a gourmet lunch, crafted by a Four Seasons executive chef at Timothy Philen’s home.

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