Universal Parks & Resorts Set to Bring the World of Nintendo to Life

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As a pioneer of interactive entertainment, Nintendo has been a top rainy day blues remedy since the 80s when it debuted the hairy, barrel throwing mongrel lovingly referred to as “Donkey Kong,” from the venerable Kong Klan. The gorilla was the first to challenge the heroic virtues of “Jumpman,” reincarnated in later games as Mario, a presumed Italian farmer, given his trademark garb, knack for mushroom harvesting and solid machismo. Both characters elevated the platform game genre, which was largely an American arena until the Japanese company broke through. Fastforward 30 years and 4.3 billion video games later and its clear why Universal Parks & Resorts is looking to finally get in on the action. The only question we have: What took you so long?

The new Universal and Nintendo partnership, which came at the heels of the announcement of a new King Kong attraction set to debute next summer, promises major attractions that bring Nintendo’s highly imaginative worlds and characters to life in interactive ways. No word yet as to how this concept will play out, but rest assured there will be plenty of action from the “mangy moustache man.”