Survival Strategies Summit

January 17-18, 2024
The Langham New York, Fifth Avenue

This two-day Summit will focus on topics that are front of mind for meeting planners in this era of disruption: rising costs, service challenges, contracts, communication, risk management and more.

Disruption and Transformation: What Else Should We Expect?—Mike Dominguez, President & CEO, Associated Luxury Hotels International
From disruption of technological forces that are changing the way we work and play to changes in Washington which will take time to understand its full impact, it is important to understand the context of what is taking place at this point in time. The speed of change is a force that we will all wrestle with over the next decade.
As the economic environment and hotel structure continue to change at a rapid pace, it is important to understand the current outlook, economic concerns and forecasts that will dictate behavior in all business environments. The impacts of global political and economic instability still exist although the global economy is growing together for the first time in modern history.
Gain a better understanding of the economic environment, how structural changes will have an impact in 2024 and beyond, and identify ways to optimize your ability as a meeting professional to maneuver through this quickly changing environment.

Dealing With Disruption Panel—Victoria Batten, Director of Sales & Marketing, The Langham, Fifth Avenue; Jaclyn Bernstein, President and Partner, Empire Force Events; Anne Gorman, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, streamlinevents. Moderated by Mike Dominguez
In this unprecedented era of disruption, a planner, a hotelier and a DMC share strategies to help you plan around change. Topics include rising costs from inflation; lingering supply chain issues; communication (or the lack of); and staffing and service challenges.

Understanding and Managing Risk with Digital Twins—John Cordier, CEO, Epistemix
In times of uncertainty and change, where can you look to identify and mitigate emerging challenges for consumers and attendees?

Contracting Strategies for a Seller’s Market—Elaine D. Papas, ,
In this challenging hotel environment, this session will discuss strategies to help you negotiate the best deal and the highest level of protection, while ensuring an experience that attendees have come to expect.

Michael Dominguez

President & CEO, Associated Luxury Hotels International
Anne Gorman

Vice President, Sales & Marketing, streamlinevents
John Cordier

CEO & Epistemix
Victoria Batten

Director of Sales & Marketing, The Langham New York, Fifth Avenue
Elaine D. Papas

President, Senior Partner and Founder, Law Offices of Elaine D. Papas
Jaclyn Bernstein

President & Partner, Empire Force Events



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