5 “Jungle Book” Experiences in The Heart of India

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The Heart of India, Madhya Pradesh, The Jungle Book, India
The Heart of India; Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Stephenekka

The state of Madhya Pradesh—known locally as “The Heart of India” and globally as the setting for “The Jungle Book”—is innovating meetings design by reimagining its heritage.

The Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board has developed educational workshops that highlight some of India’s most beautiful natural settings.

Luxury Near Bandhavgarh National Park

Consortium Hotels has a luxury resort called the Bandhavvilas, made up of 20, about 1,000-sf villas situated in the jungle. Not only is it situated near Bandhavgarh National Park, where attendees can take a safari to see the tiger reserve, it is also known for the archaeological remains of Bandhavgarh Fort. Here, attendees can explore 2,000-year-old caves from the pre-historic period.

Nature Tours with MP Incoming

MP Incoming, an inbound tour operator based in Indore, will take groups on tours of nature, wildlife, heritage and pilgrimage tours. The company’s multiday routes vary, but one takes attendees to Pench National Park, the very jungle that made Mowgli’s adventures famous, with majestic tigers and more than 285 resident and migratory birds.

Safaris & Tree-House Stays

Pugdundee Safaris, named after the Hindi word that means “foot trail,” organizes multinight programs and also has six properties in the various jungles of Madhya Pradesh. Just one example is Pench Tree Lodge. Situated in Pench National Park, this lodge is made up of six tree houses, located in an “undisturbed” part of the forest, and just one example of the company’s distinct conservation policy to create venues that do not overcrowd the jungles.

Cheetal & Leopard Sightings

At Reni Pani Jungle Lodge, there are 12 luxury cottages spread out over 30 acres of forest. This resort attracts incentive groups looking to take in the sights from the adjoining Satpura Tiger Reserve—home to everything from cheetals to leopard. Attendees can get out to see the wildlife via jeep, jungle walks, elephant safaris and even by boat on excursions organized by the jungle lodge team.

Colonial-Style Accommodations with a View

The three jungle retreats from Waxpol Hotels & Resorts take on the more traditional colonial-style housing, but are still situated in the jungle. While the resorts will organize similar wildlife safaris for groups, attendees can also take tea garden excursions to learn about the local tea industry as well as explore nearby villages.

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