8 Insights Into How Event Planners REALLY Handle Stress

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work stressSleep deprivation to spa days, meeting planners give the scoop on event stress before, during and after an event.

QuickMobile, a go-to in mobile event apps, recently asked meeting and event planners for a behind the scenes glimpse of their daily lives. Here are eight stellar insights on how planners are mitigating event stress.

Sleep Deprivation

Forty-five percent of planners are getting three to four hours of sleep each night during an event (yet they still manage to look good). Nearly 50 percent pack two outfits with shoe changes per day. And when it comes to adding pep to those steps, around 66 percent turn to caffeine or energy or protein bars.

Grin and Bear It

This is how around 44 percent of planners deal with stress. Bosses and clients try to make up for this by offering planners spa gift cards post-event.

The Help

Planners generally have one to two event staff with them on-site while juggling five to 10 vendors.


Most planners reported that planning for the next event begins about a week after the last one.

Team Building

Nearly half of all events include some team building aspect and/or golf. Around 31 percent of event planners partake in a team dinner following every event, while 48 percent celebrate a job well done by withdrawing to their hotel rooms for room service and a movie. Around 63 percent follow all of this up by heading to the beach.

Family Support

Around 63 of planners believe that their partners have “some idea” of what their job entails.

Customized Meeting Apps on the Rise

The days of having a one-size-fits-all app for every event is slowly being replaced by personalized and customized event apps. This year, planners are most interested in getting schooled on mobile apps and social media.


Planners and attendees see free hotel WiFi as THE top hotel amenity.

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