5 Event Entertainment Trends for 2016

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entertainment trends, corporate meeting planning
photo credit: Flickr, Matthias Ripp

How will event entertainment change in 2016? We spoke with Kapow’s VP of Partnerships, Nicole Lavin, to glean insights on the entertainment trends they’re seeing.

Interactive experiences

Traditional events will be replaced with unique, interactive experiences. For example, the classic cocktail party will turn into a hands-on class with chefs and mixologists teaching the art of the craft cocktail. Other interactive experiences include group sushi rolling, ping-pong tournaments and glass blowing classes.

Everything digital

Event planners will be getting rid of their printed, highlighted, RSVP excel sheets and will be replacing them with digital invites, check-ins and post-event reports. And with this new digital technology, event hosts will have the ability to learn more about their guests before the event.

Gifting “reminders”

Rather than walking away with only a memory and a few business cards, groups will walk away from events with an interesting takeaway or gift, or a reminder of their experience (and the host who held it!). These can include both knowledge takeaways, like learning how to toss pizza or make a craft cocktail, or physical takeaways, such as sunglasses or a custom fit shirt. Takeaways can also be given a few weeks post event to keep the event top of mind long after it’s over.

Go big or go home event packages

The event industry will see an increase of package events around larger events, such as the Super Bowl or well-known conferences. For example, not only will companies look to purchase tickets to a major event, they’ll want to book inclusive packages that include the coolest parties, before and after the event.

Measuring ROI

Companies will be able to measure the ROI of each event. Aside from attendance, it’s difficult to see the actual return on your corporate event, but event technology in 2016 is about to change that.

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