How to Harness Added Value Using the Art of Illusion

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The interactivity of speakers and entertainment can make or break an event by adding a ton of value—or none at all.

One way to create memorable, interactive experiences at events is by using the art of illusion. Magicians, mentalists and hypnotists add an element of magic that tends to create a how-did-that-happen conversation that continues well after the event ends. Here are three added-value experiences that meeting planners can make “appear” at future events.


Corporate Comedian and Hypnotist Erick Känd combines comedy and hypnosis through his interactive show that can work into your corporate theme, message, product or service (that maybe can be used back at the office). His show features 12 to 20 volunteers that will give attendees the chance to work together while having fun.


Magic can be worked into an event in several ways. Magician Kevin Viner offers on-stage entertainment for any size crowd, pulling thoughts from the minds of attendees and even grabbing and returning watches as a master pickpocket. His magic tricks can become more personable, however, as he also provides strolling magic at cocktail receptions and free-flowing events.

Improv Comedy

Zach Waldman is known for magic as well, but he also incorporates several improv comedy and musical elements into his act. He customizes each show to include everything from team motivation to rewarding high-achieving attendees and inspiring trust. One way he encourages motivation is with an empty bag filled with jellybeans and a diamond, highlighting the idea of always “prospecting” and setting sales goals each day (i.e., continuing the never-ending search for diamonds).


  1. Thank you very much for telling people about my services. My show is a combination of close-up magic done during the cocktail hour, followed by a comedy-magic stage show after dinner.

    I specialize in meetings and speak the language of CMPs and DMCs.

    My focus is on the client and making sure that the event goes off without a hitch. I promise, you’ll never find a performer who is more flexible or easier to work with.