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speaker sourcing

5 Speaker Sourcing Tips

Here are five tips on how you can find the right speakers for your next meeting or event.
speaker diversity

Speaker Diversity: The Meetings Industry Still Falls Short

There are signs that our industry associations are focusing more on speaker diversity than used to be the case—but we still have a long way to go.

Speakers for a Post-Pandemic World

. Now that we’re coming back to in-person events, what’s changed — and what hasn’t — when it comes to speakers?
Presentations can easily be extended.

Extend the Life of Presentations

Planners working with speakers to leverage technology during presentations can enhance the attendee experience at every level, before, during, and after the main event.
planner-speaker relationship

Tips for Masterminding the Planner-Speaker Relationship

Work-life balance expert and industry speaker Jeff Davidson lays out the dos and don’ts for the planner-speaker relationship.
Meetings Mojo, magic, illusion, entertainment, speakers, magicians, mentalists, comedians

How to Harness Added Value Using the Art of Illusion

Magicians, mentalists and hypnotists add an element of magic that tends to create a how-did-that-happen conversation that continues well after the event ends.

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