3 Magic Schools Inspire Attendees to Say “Abracadabra”

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Harry Potter and his wizarding world certainly made magic cool again, and now meeting planners can choose from a variety of magic schools across the globe where attendees can learn lessons in sorcery and tricks.

From India to South Africa, here are three magic schools that can be worked into a corporate outing or function.

Dehli School of Magic

Stage or street magic has long been a part of the culture in India, often considered to be a country of enchanters and snake charmers. The Dehli School of Magic brings the magic of traditional street performers (or madaaris) to the corporate world by providing walk-around magicians, stage magicians and illusionists for events across India and around the world. The school also provides workshops for attendees interested in learning a trick or two.

College of Wizardry

Help attendees live out their Harry Potter fantasies by enrolling them in magic school at the College of Wizardry. The “college” offers five larp (live action role play) experiences each year for up to 130 participants per event. This surreal bonding experience includes three nights at the 13th century Czocha Castle in Poland, where student witches or wizards will explore secret passageways and participate in magical classes covering subjects like “mind magic” and “herbology.”

College of Magic

The College of Magic in Cape Town, South Africa, is a straight up magic school, with five-week education courses for those interested in becoming magicians. Planners organizing meetings in the area can book an entertainer through the school to do stage performances or book walk-around entertainers, including everything from clowns to ventriloquists to stilt-walkers and more.

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