High-tech Team Building Does More Than Break the Ice

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TeamWorx Team Building Inc.

Using new technologies, team building activities have far surpassed the cheesy icebreakers and groan-worthy trust falls that were popular decades ago.

Now, attendees can create videos, build robots and collect points in real-life “Amazing Race” excursions at the click of a button on their phone. Here are three ways meeting planners can do more than break the ice by incorporating high-tech team building into future events.

Make a Scene

Wildly Different, a company that organizes corporate team building activities from its offices in Orlando, Fla., and Scottsdale, Ariz., wants to turn attendees into movie stars with its Make a Scene activity. Teams will create their own video using a custom designed app on an iPad that strings video clips together into one professional-looking show. Planners can even take the activity a step further by hosting an Oscar-esque awards show to honor those videos that the audience enjoyed the most.

Build a Bot

For attendees who love to build, Sacramento, Calif.-headquartered TeamWorx Team Building Inc. offers groups a high-tech robotics team building activity. Using an all-hands-on-deck approach, teams will race to create a robot by, first, divvying up different components to build simultaneously and then combining them to make a working robot. Teams can then compete in a series of robot competitions to test out their final products.

Play The Go Game

The Go Game is bringing the art of the scavenger hunt to life across the globe. Accessible via mobile platform, The Classic Go Game encourages teams to explore a neighborhood filled with planted actors (a man playing the saxophone, perhaps?), creative photo-taking challenges and even dance-offs with other teams in an effort to score the most points first.

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