How to Integrate Tinder into Your Event

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Tinder; Photo Credit: @markheybo/Flickr

The swipe-right, swipe-left functionality of Tinder has made it one of the most popular dating apps to date, with more than 50 million users worldwide.

Luckily for meeting planners, that fad can easily be integrated into your event in a fun and—believe it or not—professional way. The latest: Tinder itself is becoming more group oriented after launching Tinder Social last year. Moving away from Tinder’s one-on-one connections, Tinder Social allows users to plan group activities and meet new people. It’s an ideal way for attendees to find other like-minded professionals to get together to explore a convention destination. Like Tinder’s original app, its social version emphasizes immediacy, with group chats expiring at noon the day after they are created—or likely when the convention ends.

Savvy planners can also use the app for innovative marketing campaigns. Events looking to raise awareness can take note from Amnesty International Australia’s campaign on International Women’s Day a couple years ago. The nonprofit replaced profile pictures with downloadable images that illustrated oppressed women around the world to raise awareness about women who are forced into marriage.

Other more playful marketing campaigns include the Swipe Right Night hosted by the Atlanta Hawks NBA team this past spring. It encouraged fans to swipe right for a chance to win access to special “Love Lounges,” where singles can mix and mingle. Meeting planners can create similar campaigns that create professional lounges for attendees.

Bringing Tinder to the actual event can play out in other ways such as offering professional photography for attendees to create profile pics. Delta Air Lines recently partnered with Tinder to create the Delta Dating Wall available all summer in New York. The wall provides backdrops of international locations for New York dating-app users to take their picture in front of and later use as a profile picture.

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