Money-Saving Event Tech Ideas from HBO’s Silicon Valley

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Artificial intelligence

HBO’s “Silicon Valley” television series continues to wow audiences for it’s accurate depiction of the tech industry.

The show’s plot involves a group of tech geniuses trying to create a company named Pied Piper, which allows users to upload video and audio files to the cloud faster than other cloud-based platforms such as Dropbox or Google Drive. While the tech world may still seem foreign to some meeting planners, there are actually technologies that can help cut event costs significantly. Here are three tech trends that can do just that:

Chatbots or Artificial Intelligence

Offering chatbots or interactive artificial intelligence to give basic information to attendees helps save event staff time to handle more important event logistics as well as money paying for additional event staff members. It’s this kind of digital customer interaction that allowed Pied Piper to improve its user experience and create a more powerful algorithm for customers.

DIY Website Creation

With content management systems such as WordPress, planners can save a ton of money creating their own event websites. Doing so can also help planners keep the event message simple and in line with the company’s vision. Throughout the “Silicon Valley” series, the Pied Piper team learned this the hard way when they couldn’t decide on a specific logo or almost deemed their company the “Airbnb for something.” Having a blurry company vision made Pied Piper less desirable for investors.

Digital & Augmented Reality

If there’s one thing that “Silicon Valley” teaches viewers, it’s that cloud-based platforms such as Dropbox and Google Drive are the future. Along the same lines, meeting planners should opt to make everything digital to save on paper costs. That includes everything from their business cards to event programs to even offering virtual reality activities that can give attendees an experience—i.e., traveling to France—at a fraction of the cost.

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