Trending Meeting Apps for 2019

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There’s an app for just about everything these days, including meeting apps that make the planner’s job easier.

Last year, we brought you the scoop on how some companies are tapping into millennial engagement and the dating app trend through meeting apps that connect like-minded attendees at conferences. This year, multigenerational engagement is on the agenda. Whether you’re looking for advanced event management software or simply a place to share your ideas, here are five meeting apps to download to your mobile devices right now, as they will be trending into next year.


Before the event even begins, planners need a place to get creative. This meeting app is like Pinterest for the mind. It’s designed to be like a mind map, where you start with a central theme, brainstorm and collect ideas along the way to create a visual map that you can share with clients and other event staff.


Surkus works for planners who are tailoring their events for a specific audience. For instance, if you’re looking to promote a specific brand for a product launch or the like, this meeting app should be your go-to. It uses a concept called “crowdcasting” by using social networks to analyze the likes, friends and interactions of a potential attendee.

Planning Pod

Looking for an easy-to-use event management software? Planning pod integrates all your planning tools into one space, allowing planners to manage almost every aspect of an event—budgets, speaker schedules and attendee information—all in one place.


This offers another all-in-one event planning software, with tools for event website customization, email marketing and even analytical tools after the event ends.


Lastly, EventMobi is another meeting app that has also offers the ability for planners to customize an event website and mobile app. But it also excels at interactivity with attendees. Features including live polling, surveys and digital signage give planners the ability to access attendee feedback in real time.

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