Top 10 Most-Read Prevue Articles of 2017

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As we say goodbye to 2017, here are our top 10 most read articles of the year:

Wanted: New Job Titles for Meeting Planners
Some meeting planners, mostly the CMPs in the group, spoke up for the professionalism of the role. Said one: “How about everyone just know you are a Meeting Professional? Why? Because you deserve that respect!”


Working With Workplace Jerks
Prevue speaks with Sutton about his experience dealing with jerks and his advice to meeting planners who have to work with ones.


The 4 Best Places to Find Meeting Planner Jobs
Look beyond the general job-search portals to specialized industry web sites for the best selection of meeting planner jobs.


5 Dietary Restrictions Meeting Planners Need to Know About
Meeting planners need to educate themselves in the differences between dietary restrictions. Some are preferences, others religious beliefs and the most critical are full-blown disorders.


How Do Planners Handle Stress?
Sleep deprivation to spa days, meeting planners give the scoop on event stress before, during and after an event.


5 Logistical Woodstock Nightmares We Can Learn From
Woodstock now symbolizes the best of the “hippy” counter-culture movement of the 1960s, while also being known as one of the worst-executed events in pop culture history.


Does a CMP Help Get You Hired?
How important is having a CMP when planners go through the hiring process? We asked 5 members of our editorial advisory board their opinions.


Lessons on Deliberate Visual Messaging From the Royal Family
In addition to trends used for meetings and event décor, culture-specific color associations are critical for the planner to understand—and wear.


Is Certification Worth It?
“There is no absolute value in certification. If you are in the market for a job or have growth opportunities at an organization, it’s a great way to stand out.”


5 Job-Hunting Tips for Experienced Meeting Planners
The experts at suggest that experienced meeting planners trade in terms like “seasoned professional,” “wealth of experience” for specifics on related experience.

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